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    Ice Dance International (IDI) is a professional performing arts company with a special currently airing on PBS called “The World of Ice Dance International.” The show has aired 262 times in over 60% of the US in 8 of the top 10 national markets including New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. 92 of the airings have been in prime time. Part 2 of The World of IDI will air in April 2019.

    Prior to airing on public television, IDI presented its’ repertory in a national tour that reached San Francisco to Boston.

    IDI has also created special events and shows at Fenway Park, Rockefeller Center, The National Baseball Hall of Fame, The Fenimore Museum, and The Strawbery Banke Museum. 

    Two of IDI’s founders include The Voice of Figure Skating, Mr. Dick Button and America’s most famous male ballet dancer of all time, Mr. Edward Villella. Its illustrious Board of Directors includes Olympic Champions Dorothy Hamill and Sarah Hughes, beloved skating personality JoJo Starbuck, and Olympic medalist, Scott Allen. Linda Carbonetto Villella, a founder and board member, was a Canadian Figure Skating Champion. Douglas Webster is the Founding Artistic Director.

    In addition to performances, IDI has created community engagement programs that share the joy, the flight, and the flow of skating. Two such programs include one with Higher Ground in Sun Valley, providing kids with special needs an opportunity to skate with the company and another with Future In Sight in Portsmouth, NH providing a one on one skating opportunity for the visually impaired.  This year, IDI will also conduct its’ fourth annual “Get Out and Skate” program for the first graders in NH’s public Little Harbour School. This program focuses on getting outside and moving in winter!

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    IDI Founders, Board of Directors and Staff



    Edward Villella

    Linda Villella

    Douglas Webster

    Debbie Gordon (RIP)

    Dick Button


    Board of Directors

    Nancy Jean Davis

    JoJo Starbuck

    Scott Allen

    Dorothy Hamill

    Linda Villella

    Edward Villella (Executive Advisor)

    Douglas Webster (Chair)

    Not shown in photo:

    Sarah Hughes

    Josh Babb 

    Terri Katz

    Joy Prudek

    Dick Button (Executive Advisor)


    Executive Artistic Director

    Douglas Webster is the Founding Artistic Director of Ice Dance International (IDI)

    In the past few years, Douglas has served as the Creative Director for the television show “Shall We Dance on Ice,” Artistic Director of Ice Theatre of New York, staff for US Figure Skating’s Dance Camp and Components Camp, and staff for Grassroots to Champions, During his career, he has worked on choreography teams for many major skating companies, including; Disney on Ice (10 shows, including High School Musical); Holiday on Ice (3 shows); Stars On Ice (2); and The Sun Valley Ice Show (3). 

    His choreography has been seen in television shows all over the world, including Disson Skating, Winter Solstice on Ice in Finland; Skating with the Stars for ABC TV; and Sterren Dansen op Het IJs in The Netherlands. 

    Douglas has been nominated for both PSA Awards: the Paul McGrath (2x) and F. Ritter Shumway. 

    His education includes studying acting at the William Esper Studios in NYC, he is certified massage therapist, and a graduate of the College of William and Mary with a BA in English lit.

    Douglas lives in Kittery, Maine


    After the Rain



    Choreography: Douglas Webster

    Music: Juan Pablo Jofre: After the Rain

    Original Cast: Kim Navarro, Beata Handra and Brent Bommentre

    The Three Smokers



    Choreography: Edward Villella

    Music: Artie Shaw: Back Bay Shuffle, Begin the Beguine, Stardust, 

    Oh! Lady Be Good

    Original Cast: Brent Bommentre, Joel Dear, Ryan Bradley, Wesley Campbell, Erin Reed, Kim Navarro, Carly Donowick




    Choreography: Douglas Webster

    Music: Chopin's Nocturnes

    Original Cast: Kim Navarro, Beata Handra, Erin Reed, Brent Bommentre, Ryan Bradley, Joel Dear

    Commissioned by Donald Webster in memory of Eloise and Donald Webster

    Visions of Emeralds: An Homage to Mr. Balanchine



    Choreography: Edward Villella

    Music: Faure: incidental music to Pelleas Et Melisande, Op 80 And Shylock Op 57

    Original Cast: Beata Handra and Joel Dear with Anastasia Olson, Carly Donowick, Kim Navarro and Erin Reed

    Commissioned by Nancy Jean Davis

    Take 5



    Choreography: Benoit Richaud

    Music: Dave Brubeck's Take 5

    Original Cast: Mauro Bruni, Adam Kaplan, Joel Dear, Ian Lorello

    Spring Awakening



    Choreography: Douglas Webster

    Music: Recomposed by Max Richter: Vivaldi, The Four Seasons: Spring 0, 1, 2 and 3

    Original Cast: Anastasia Olson, Beata Handra, Kim Navarro, Carly Donowick, Ian Lorello, Joel Dear, Brent Bommentre, and Jonathon Hunt

    Wind Dancer



    Choreography: Stephanee Grosscup

    Music: Donovan's Catch The Wind

    Original Cast: Wesley Campbell

    In The Light



    Choreography: Douglas Webster

    Music: Moby, One of these mornings, Dream About Me, Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?, The Perfect Life

    Original Cast: Erin Reed, Carly Donowick, Kim Navarro, Anastasia Olson, Beata Handra, Ian Lorello, Joel Dear, Wesley Campbell, Jonathon Hunt, Brent Bommentre




    Choreography: Benoit Richaud

    Music: Arvo Part's Spiegel Im Spiegel

    Original Cast: Carly Donowick and Erin Reed

    Winter Dreams



    Choreography: Douglas Webster

    Music; Serenade In C Major for String Orchestra, Op. 48: Pezzo In Forma Di Sonatina: Andante Non Troppo; Allegro Moderato

    Original Cast: Kim Navarro, Naomi Lang-Strong, Beata Handra, Carly Donowick, Lauren Farr, Joel Dear, Ian Lorello, Todd Gilles, Jonathon Hunt, Jordan Cowan, Neill Shelton

    A Blade of Sunshine



    Choreography: Trey McIntyre

    Music: Sha Sha by Ben Kweller and Weeds or Wildflowers by Parsonsfield

    Original Cast: Erin Reed, Carly Donowick, Wesley Campbell, Joel Dear, Mauro Bruni

    Commissioned by Susan Mckimens and Joseph Kasputys




    Choreography: Douglas Webster

    Music:  In the Upper Room, Dance No. IX by Phillip Glass

    Original Cast; Erin Reed, Carly Donowick, Lauren Farr, Natalia Zaitseva, Mauro Bruni, Adam Kaplan, Neill Shelton, Jonathan Hunt




    Choreography: Douglas Webster

    Music: Sargasso Sea by Suzanne Ciani

    Original Cast: Erin Reed

    Photo: Darial Sneed

    SUpport the creation of idi repertory

    Check out this video featuring Edward and Linda Villella and Douglas Webster speaking about IDI with footage of our repertory at our 2016 Sun Valley Residency.

    Shot and edited by Mark Oliver


    IDI Residencies serve to create, teach, and engage with the community. Our company edge class is free, and along with our community outreach programs,  we aim to share the joy, the flight, and the flow of skating.

    Community engagement

    IDI stives to give back when in residency, on tour, or during special IDI events. We partner with Higher Ground Sun Valley, Future in Sight and the Little Harbour School in Portsmouth, NH. Company member Carly Donowick says "these programs remind of her of why she fell in love with skating in the first place!"


    Reach out to Carly, Erin, and Kim at for more information about booking an IDI Artistry of Skating clinic.

    Special events: Please Contact us for booking inquiries


    Custom Shows

    Commission us for one off events that inspire the joy of skating and bring your community together!


    Live Discussions

    Celebrate the joy and history of skating with IDI, our Founders, and our Board of Directors


    Synthetic Ice Design and Performance

    Support IDI by bringing us to perform at  corporate functions, galas, and parties that require that "WOW" factor!

    Contact us for more information

    Thank you to all of our supporters for helping us grow!

    Each of your gifts makes an incredible impact on us!

    IDI is supported by:

    The Lisa McGraw Figure Skating Foundation, The James Deering Danielson Foundation, The Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation, The Wallace Foundation,  

    The Pestcoe Family Foundation, The Cedar Grove Fund of the Princeton Area Community Foundation, The Community Foundation of Greater Memphis, 

    The New England Foundation for the Arts' New England Dance fund 

    with generous support from the Aliad Fund at the Boston Foundation

    Add your name to our growing list of IDI Champions with gifts of $1,000.00 or more!

    Anne and Scott Allen

    Chris Anderson

    Josh Babb

    Brenda and Skip Berg

    Dick Button

    Natalie and Jim Carey

    Stephanie Mennon and Don Ciccone

    Nancy Jean Davis

    Violet and Chris Eagan

    Midge Farkas

    Janice Feldman

    John Fernandes

    Jeff Gertler

    Susie Gharib

    Debbie and Bob Gordon

    Barbie Holland

    Jill Howell

    Marilyn and Joseph Kasputys

    Terri Katz

    Susan Mckimens

    Nicole Miller

    Diane Nugent

    Julie Parker

    Joan and Tom Sabatino

    Kenneth Shelley

    Rob Shmalo

    JoJo Starbuck

    Linda and Edward Villella

    Donald Webster

    Audrey Weisiger

    And thank you for all of your gifts!

    Valerie Abraham, Dave Albrecht, Tenley Albright, Lisa Marie Allen, Marilyn Andretta, Lynn and Sam Auxier, Pamela Averick, Ann Barksdale, Michael Barrett, Denise Beaumont, Alison  Bers and Lee Kleinecke, Peter Betts, Lili and Ralph Bien, Friederike K.  Biggs, Robin Blauer, Judy Blumberg, Lucy Brennan, Laura Brown, Amy  Buchman, Madaleine Burke, Sarah Canfield, Linnea Capps, Lisa Caputo,  Robert Castle, Janis and Charles Cecil, Zulam Chaviano, Craig Cichy,  Susan Clamage, Martha Clapp, Ellen Coletto, Leslie and Richard Curtis,  Pam and Dave Davidson, Alicia De Lalio, Karen Dickens, Betsy DiFelice, Marian Dillon, Susan Dornstein, Nancy Dubin, Ann Drysdale, Richard  Dwyer, Susan Engel, Merle Englander, Joan Erdheim, Karen Fang, Sandy  Fetter, Barbara Franzoso, Jessica and Jeffery Gaynor, Rena Geloso, Jane  and Charles Gibney, Alan Gibson, Ally Goldman, Susan Goldstein, Wendy  Gordon, Pam Gordon, Geordie and Robert Grant, Rachel Greenwood, Edith  Greenwood, Susan Grote, Betsy Hauck, Dorothy Hamill, Lynne Hanson,  Cynthia and Mike Harvell, Dalila Hastings, Sharon and Jeff Hazard,  Andrea Heitzman, David Hicks, Juli McKinstry Hosking, Sarah Hughes, Ann  Jackson, Ruth and Al Jacobson, Clare Kasputys, Joshua Katz, Randi  Katz,Fran Katzman, Jeff Keefe, Susan Kittenplan, Sue and Chris Klem,  Hilda Kraker, Dr. Richard Kraus, Patricia Landis, Randall Lane, Bob  LeGros,Terri Levine, Barbara Linn, Terri Levine, Val Levine, Barb  MacLeod, Caroline Mann, Stacy Martin, Craig Maurizi, Alis McCurdy  Sauers, Kathleen Mcgowan, Michael Mertaugh, Harold Meth, Marylyn  Meyerson, David Miller, Ellen Mills,Normandie  Mindheim, Laura Morrissette, Galen and Tod Mott, Suna Murray, Lisa  Navarro, Adrienne Natrillo, Helen NgaiWade, Jeff Nolt, Moira North,  Bruce Norvell, Elizabeth Nunn, Julianna Rosenbluth Obeid, Carl N.  Olsson, Nick Perna, Nina Peterson, Jack and Joy Prudek, Nancy Quaife,  Lisa and Ron Reed, Linda Reiss, Lisa Loop-Retaleato, Susan Ringler,  Keith Rosen, Cathy Rosenbluth, Lisa and Harry Rosenthal, Amy Rosewater,  Kate and Bob Rosso, Robyn Roth-Moise, Donna Ryan and Andy Livingston,  Susan Ryckman in honor of JoJo Starbuck, Kristiina Sakai, Noel  Schoenleber, Rhea Schwartz and Paul Wolff, Ronald Sedley, Clare  Sheridan, Laura Sinnott and Albert Pope, Sonia and Tony  Slevira, Nancy and Zach Slater, Kristin Sorani, Nicholas Spinelli, Sandy  Springer, Meg Streeter Lauck, Adele and Bob Sweet, Martha Sword, Penny  and Thomas Tang, Iren Tar, Jocelyn Tenille, Margaret Thomson, Leslie  Thorne, Joan Torrance, Georgene Troseth, Missy VanBuren, Lala Van Kamp,  Kate Vanoff, Kim Verde, Robin Wagner,  Vera Wang, Susan Wilsey, Barry Wilson, Doug and Betsy Wilson, Toby Wolf, Ed Wood, Anna Wong, Beth Woronoff, Larry Yerdon, Sharon and Robert Yoerg, Aja Zanova, Elaine Zayak. 

    and anonymous donors!

    Thank you to our generous APT public television supporters! 

    We are all grateful for your belief in bringing IDI 

    to a broader international audience. 

    We could not do this without you!


    Joe Kasputys in loving memory of Marilyn Kasputys

    Lisa McGraw Figure Skating Foundation


    The Richard T. Button Foundation in loving memory of Marilyn Kasputys 

    and Debbie Gordon

    The James Deering Danielson Foundation

    Nancy Jean Davis

    Susan Mckimens in memory of Marilyn Kasputys and Debbie Gordon

    Joan Sabatino


    Scott and Anne Allen

    Josh Babb

    Midge Farkas

    Patti Kasputys and Family in memory of Marilyn Kasputys

    Terri Katz 

    Dorothy Hamill in Memory of Debbie Gordon

    Audrey Weisiger and Grassroots to Champions


    Jill Howell in Memory of Marilyn Kasputys

    Tony and Sonia Slevira


    Brenda and Skip Berg

    Mary Lee Copp Advised Fund

    Janice Feldman in Memory of Debbie Gordon

    Jane Hancock

    Valerie Levine in memory of Debbie Gordon

    Stephanie Mennon

    Nicole Miller in honor of her dear friend Debbie Gordon

    Robert Shmalo

    JoJo Starbuck

    Penny and Thomas Tang

    Sharon and Robert Yoerg

    Take Off:

    Pam Averick in memory of Debbie Gordon

    Gladys and Ed Dunlop

    Susie Gharib and Fereydan Nazem

    Linda Illsley

    Lisa and Ron Reed

    Kim Verde


    In Memory of Debbie Gordon:

    Marilyn Andretta,Craig Cichy, Joan Erdheim, Jody Flatt, Roy Hoya and Twenty First Securities Employees, Susan Kittenplan,  Bobbi and Barry Kolton, Patricia Marcus and Family, Edward and Linda Munshower, Anita Scanlon, David Schachter, Clare Sheridan, Dominique Singer, Robert Stovall, Betsy and Doug Wilson, Elaine Zayak, MIchael Zimmer

    Lisa Marie Allen, Chris Anderson, Elisa Angeli, Ann Barksdale, Robert Castle, Charles and Janis Cecil, Martha Clapp, Pam and Dave Davidson, Richard Dwyer, Susan Engel, Mary English, Alice (Sandy) Fetter, John Fernandes,Barbara Franzoso, Jane and Charles Gibney, Susan Grote, Cynthia and Mike Harvell,Betsy Hauck, Joan Josephson, Bob Legros, Barbara MacLeod, Caroline Mann, Alis McCurdy Sauers, Kathleen Mcgowan, Juli Mckinstry Hosking, Michael Mertaugh, David Miller, Robyn Roth Moise, Galen and Todd Mott,Suna Murray, Lisa Navarro, Bruce Norvell,Diane Nugent, Elizabeth Nunn, Nick Perna, Nina Peterson, Nancy Quaife, Harry and Lisa Rosenthal, Kate and Bob Rosso, Rhea Schwartz,  Meg Streeter, Adele and Robert Sweet,Leslie Thorne, Michelle Witt

    Thank you to our collaborators:

    BeeEventive and Alyssa Shane

    Words on Dance and Deborah Kaufman

    Disson Skating

    Strawbery Banke Museum

    The Fenimore Museum with Danielle Henrici and Todd Kenyon

    Labrie Family Skate and our performance committee

    Sun Valley Resort and Scott Irvine and Jennifer Uhrig

    Silver Center for the Arts at Plymouth State University and

    Diane Jeffery, Dave Gyger, and Trudy Pelletier

    Snoopy’s Home Ice and Justin Higgs, Randy Pennington, and Kevin McCool

    Wood River YMCA Sun Valley

    Higher Ground SV and Cara Barrett

    Little Harbour School and Sean McGrimley

    Skating Club of New York and Terri Levine and Susan Kittenplan

    Essex County Skating Club

    Park City Ice Arena and Matt Genther and Erika Fisher Roberts

    Skating Club of Boston and Doug Zeghibe

    Grassroots To Champions and Shelia Thelan

    Young Artists Showcase

    West Orange Performance Committee:

    Marie DeFalco, Chris Anderson, Sally Saul, and Jack Lipkin

    Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center and Star Lit Blades Synchro

    New Hampshire Association for the Blind

    Future in Sight and Stephanie Hurd

    Fenway Sports Management and Clare Durant and Frederick Olsen

    National Baseball Hall of Fame

    American Public Television 

    John Wilson and MK Blades

    Stellar Adventure Media

    IDI Advisors:

    Laura Faure and JoAnna Mendl Shaw

    Costume Design:

    Alicia Jackson


    Phil Lee

    Photography (ncluding website):

    Diana Dumbadse Photography

    David Seelig

    Mark Oliver

    Frank Rocco

    Darial Sneed (RIP)

    Taylor Davidson

    David J. Murray

    Deborah Hickey of Glidefar Photography

    Jennifer Simpson of 208 Images and Media


    Stellar Media and Spencer Cordovano

    Matej Silecky

    David Seelig

    Candice Spielman

    Mark Oliver

    Abel Machado and Greasy Lens Films

    David Sotnick

    Carly  Donowick

    IDI Assistants:

    Carly Donowick, Erin Reed, John Kerr, Sinead Kerr and Grant Marshall

    IDI Words on Dance Committee:

    Emily Hughes, Brian Boitano, Kristi Yamaguchi, Dorothy Hamill, Dick Button


    Alison Hart

    Mimi Bradley

    IDI Archival Consultant:

    Dominique Singer


    Wendy Addiss and Addiss Enterprises

    Sharon Hazard and Imagine It Embroidery


    Debra Grott and Karen LaPalme, WLGR Accounting

    Heartland Payroll


    Robert Levin


    Bruce Goldberg

    Renata Letto


    Paul Corin

    Our Circle of Volunteers:

    Christine Lee, Jamie Coffey, Carly Donowick, Erin Reed, Brent Bommentre,

    Diane and Keith Joe Dick, Kim Navarro, Angela Webster

    Carole Anne Morrison, Anne Weidman, Jeff Keefe, Leigh Baker, Bill Downey

    Trina Peters, Robyn Sias, Barbara Holland, Sonia Dunfield, Pam Farr

    Executive Volunteers and IDI lifesavers: Susan Mckimens and John Fernandes

    Currier and Ives Strawbery Banke Skaters:

    Caroline Mann, Kristiina Sakai, John Salwen, John Wold, Lenaye Marsten, Jim Tompkins, Erik Nyland, Emma Clarke, Michael Mertaugh, and Eric Rioux

    The Staff, Board,  and Management of Labrie Family Skate

    and the Strawbery Banke Museum

    Larry Yerdon, Cynthia Harvell, Zach Slater, Donna Ryan, Anne Weidman, Laura Brown, Marissa Correll,and Monique DeForge

    Thank you, from all of us at IDI!


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